Freelancing, Professionalism and Proactivity

Freelancing - Selling your work/expertise to a client. Know your customer/target market Know your skill set Know your deadlines. Know your budget Pay yourself at least the living wage Consider kill fees Proactivity - Things to do to stay proactive, professional and motivated. Self marketing and promotion Online activity Networking Pitching for jobs Visiting/communicating with other freelance … Continue reading Freelancing, Professionalism and Proactivity


Illustrated Character

Characters are often the focus of children's illustration, whether it be in books, on tv or a toy and children tend to learn from these characters and follow their actions or pick up on their knowledge. For example, Alice from Alice In Wonderland encourages kids to be curious while Harry Potter shows that they should be brave. … Continue reading Illustrated Character

Other Artists I Am Inspired By

Rebecca Gibbon Rebecca Gibbon is a children's and book illustrator who also works on travel illustration, advertising, packaging, editorial imagery and children's books. She gets inspiration from items such as illustrated books she has collected, vintage tea towel designs, and Scandinavian ceramics from the flea markets. Her process includes painting with acrylic inks as a … Continue reading Other Artists I Am Inspired By