Illustrated Character

Characters are often the focus of children's illustration, whether it be in books, on tv or a toy and children tend to learn from these characters and follow their actions or pick up on their knowledge. For example, Alice from Alice In Wonderland encourages kids to be curious while Harry Potter shows that they should be brave. … Continue reading Illustrated Character



To aid the composition, memorability and flow of my designs, I will incorporate pattern and use it to create fun and creative illustrations suitable for children. Below is a list of pattern terminology paired with definitions that will help me to design and structure my patterns in an effective and professional way but also aid … Continue reading Pattern

Other Artists I Am Inspired By

Rebecca Gibbon Rebecca Gibbon is a children's and book illustrator who also works on travel illustration, advertising, packaging, editorial imagery and children's books. She gets inspiration from items such as illustrated books she has collected, vintage tea towel designs, and Scandinavian ceramics from the flea markets. Her process includes painting with acrylic inks as a … Continue reading Other Artists I Am Inspired By

The Greeting Card Industry / Target Market

In this industry, you can either become a greeting card publisher or supply existing publishers with you designs. Facts & Figures The UK population spends £1.5 billion a year on greeting cards The industry is, directly and indirectly, responsible for 100,000 jobs. There are over a thousand publishers in the UK, most of which are … Continue reading The Greeting Card Industry / Target Market