Other Artists I Am Inspired By

Rebecca Gibbon

Rebecca Gibbon is a children’s and book illustrator who also works on travel illustration, advertising, packaging, editorial imagery and children’s books. She gets inspiration from items such as illustrated books she has collected, vintage tea towel designs, and Scandinavian ceramics from the flea markets. Her process includes painting with acrylic inks as a base and using coloured pencils over the top. To get ideas she does pencil sketches until a particular idea stands out. The style of her work is contemporary but nostalgic, bright, painterly, colourful and childlike, sometimes with a touch of humour.

Peter Allen

Peter Allen is a freelance illustrator who designs for travel guides, history books, children’s stories, advertising and more. His illustrations are bold, graphic and colourful. He works mostly digital but also uses some traditional media including lino-cutting, stencilling, letterpress and drawing. For digital work, he colours in a pencil outline by making shapes using vectors. His style is simple and his use of colour gives a strong graphic character. His illustrations are often like a mixture between cartoons and infographics (due to the plenty amount of information they contain).

Alice Potter

Alice Potter is an illustrator and surface pattern designer for the gift, stationery and kids clothing market. With an interest in colour and pattern, she often works with bright colours, simple shapes and pattern. To aid her work and ideas, she does daily sketchbook work to explore new themes such as geometrics and florals but produces her designs digitally.


SCRIBBLER is a UK based company with an online store selling greeting cards for all ages and occasions. They focus on classic, timeless design and are known for their use of edgy humour and rude take on traditional greeting cards.

Helen Lang

Helen Lang is an illustrator who designs typographical pieces and is known for the charm, humour and detailed linear simplicity in her work. She perviously worked in the publishing industry and in a variety of studios as an illustration agent. When illustrating, she starts out working by hand and then digitally. She also does screen printing, sometimes incorporating the method into her work.





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