Research Planning

The next step in this project is to begin researching to collect the relevant information I need to begin designing. I will research a number of topics; The greeting card industry, my target market, pricing my product and pattern. Below is a list of online resources I have found that I am interested in and will look into to collect my research.

The Greeting Card Industry

Learning about this industry if important if I want to design cards that will sell well and appeal to my chosen market. It will also give me an insight into what it’s like to work in the industry and design for publishers or be part of a publishing company.

Greeting Card Association – – This website contains lots of resources that explain the industry and how to get started in it. I have listed a number of pages with useful information below.

Resources – For Students – Information about pursuing a career in the industry.

Resources – For Publishers – The Market – Facts & Figures  Important and useful statistics and facts to know about the industry.

Resources – For Publishers – Starting Up – Design Matters – Tips and things to keep in mind when designing a card that will be beneficial to the selling process.

Resources – For Artists – Designing for Greeting Cards Information on designing cards for publishers/setting up your own publishing company.

Resources – For Artists – Do’s & Dont’s (of greeting card design and supplying to publishers). – Kids Birthday Cards – – Plenty of design inspiration and information on designing for children.

Writers & Artists – Illustrating in the Greeting Card Industry – – More information on the greeting card industry from the GCA.

Pricing My Product

Pricing is a crucial element to the maker/seller genre of illustration and will partially determine the success of my products and the profit I will make. Although this pricing process mostly involves maths and calculation, I’ve found some resources with information that will help me in this process.

Greeting Card Designer – Pricing Your Cards –

The Atlantic – Why Are Greeting Cards So Expensive? –


The Pattern Library – – This site showcases pattern designs from various designers and will serve as great inspiration for my designs.


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