Amy Walters


Amy Walters is a freelance illustrator who does a wide variety of illustrations. As well as working as a freelance illustrator, she has her own line of illustrated paper goods. She designs patterns as well as characters and other fun things and has printed her designs on children’s clothes, gift wrap and cards amongst other things.

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Processes and Style

Her illustrations are bold, sometimes humorous and cute but grown up. She works with traditional art forms such as pencil drawing and water colour as well as digital illustration, often combining both.


This piece is is for a child’s birthday card. With a space and rocket theme, it is seemingly for boys. The focus of the piece, the rocket, is in the shape of a 5 and makes up the exclamation “You’re 5 Today!” It is set in a space scene and suggests an adventure. The characters in the rocket are easily recognisable and, along with the setting, suggests that the situation here is that the characters are going on an adventure in space. Kids love adventure so sparks interest in them. There is a texture to the background of the piece that looks almost like felt, which is a material most children are familiar with. This avoids an overly ‘clean’ look and helps the foreground to stand out form the background. The style of the illustration is rough and child-like which also gives familiarity and makes it recognisable and understandable to a child.


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