Critical Analysis


This is a piece by illustrator and graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong. It demonstrates his ongoing experimentation with illusion and negative space. The piece depicts a child blowing bubbles which come together to reveal a sky with some clouds, all against a neutral grey background. The child figure makes up a small fraction of the image but is an integral part of it as the more eye catching part strongly relates to this figure; The boy is blowing the bubbles that make up the sky. This allows the piece to flow effectively, as the viewer’s eyes are led either up or down the image and their is nothing else to distract or disturb this. The image of the sky, seen in the negative space of the bubbles, could have a number of connotations or reasons for being. First of all, it could show a scene that is hidden by the grey background, or in this case, foreground. It could also have something to do with the child, possibly representing their imagination and its vastness, as the sky is very large and vast, even endless. The overall piece shows an obvious contrast between the background and the foreground; The focus of the piece. 

How To Write A Critical Analysis



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