In this project, I set out to design a collection of cards for children under the age of 10, with the intent to encourage them to be creative and explore nature. I created only a single card design combining both traditional and digital methods of illustration. Organising a self-directed project came as a challenge but … Continue reading Evaluation



Before printing the final piece, I did some test prints, experimenting with colouring and size. I needed to edit some of the colours so they weren't too saturated or grey. It took a few tests to find a print I was happy with. This is the final print. The colours are saturated but not too … Continue reading Printing

Half Term Targets

Complete/update blog posts: Illustrated Character, Have at least 3 final card designs planned out/ready to make. - This will give me 2 weeks to make and print any tests and then the final products. Collect cardboard and buy paint I need for display. - These need to be made before 19th.