Making the final design

After making and developing each individual illustration, I am starting to put them together to form a suitable composition for a final card design. There are changes to be made that I will come across as I work on this as the illustrations may appear different together than I expected.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 10.03.16

This is the first of a few possible final designs. I put together the individual illustrations I worked on and added the type. The line markings on the grass give texture similar to real grass and add detail whereas it would otherwise look uninteresting.  My initial thoughts are that the background is bland and the colour of the tree doesn’t stand out from the blue enough. Also, the cloud at the top seems random/out of place and the text could have a shape behind it. The overall composition isn’t too cluttered but some areas need to be more noticeable.

I tried a few different cloud shapes to place behind the text as a background/border as well as no shape. I also changed the colour of the clouds to a very light shade of blue, rather than grey or white.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 14.14.45

The green hills fill the background a bit more but the colours used are very similar to each other and the colour of the grass in front. The colour palette here could be more vibrant and diverse in terms of shades of green.

Screenshot (1)

I lightened the background using a white gradient and the image as a whole has been lightened slightly for a softer appearance. I also lightened the colour of the grass to a more vibrant green to separate this part of the foreground from the background. The bodies of text added at the bottom are exclamations ‘spoken’ by the characters as prompts for kids to interact with the design. The space to write a name is there partly with the intent of personalisation without making individually named cards.

I’ve chosen this to be the final design that I will print and mount onto white A5 cards.



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