In this post, I will include all or most of my developmental work that will aid my final design. All of the work here will be done in photoshop or another program but other traditional processes including sketches and painting are evidenced in my sketchbook.


This design is an idea inspired by the classic polka-dot pattern. The circles were created on paper with watercolour in different tones of green and cut out in various sizes. In the image on the right, some of the circles are replaced with white, outlined in black. These spaces are intended to be coloured by the recipient or added to in any way. Originally I chose a black outline, inspired by the classic design of many colour-in pages.

Following this, I changed the colour of the outlines to match the tree branches. I prefer this to black because it better appears as one form and keeps the colour palette to a minimum so the design doesn’t seem too busy. I chose a muted brown for the branch colour because it fits the green better that a more saturated brown.


I followed the same design principle with a different shape.




For the background of the final design, I painted a simple blue watercolour sky in a similar way to the green above. In my sketchbook, I experimented with ways in which I could use circles similar to the tree design. On this background are some possible cloud designs that will be in the sky. The third design is different as the circles overlap, creating a classic fluffy cloud shape.

Putting together a design

I put together these elements to create the start of a design.


The cloud and blank areas of the tree overlapped and seemed to blend together, ruining the background/foreground illusion. I tried two way of avoiding this. In the first image, I changed the white areas of the tree to a very pale green and in the second, the clouds to light grey. I think the first image is more fitting that grey clouds but the green could be even lighter so as it still appears as a blank space.


As part of my design, I wanted to include a character or two, for personality and liveliness. From some doodling, I created some small and simple characters from the leaf stamps I made.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 09.49.30




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