Type Setting and Printing Workshop

Recently, I took part in a workshop in which I learned the basics of setting and printing type and experimental type. I was given the task to find or come up with a quote or phrase around the theme of difference to print onto a poster. I chose the phrase “Differences Challenge Assumptions”. Below are some pictures of the process.

DSC_0107 I started by doing some research on experimental type then planning what I wanted to make. From my research I found that I like clean, modern and bold type with cute and quirky messages. I sketched up some rough ideas from this with inspiration from some books.



After planning my poster, I picked out the type blocks I needed and arranged them. I didn’t set the type into a steel frame as the letters formed an irregular layout. The type needs to be upside down and back to front to appear correct on the paper.

Below I am setting the type onto the printing press and inking the type. Before this I used a triangle and a rectangle shape cut out of acrylic and wood and using pink/red ink, I printed an arrow. Once that ink dried, I printed the typed over it. The press I used is called the Gutenburg Press. It it easy and quick to use so an efficient method of printing. I inked each letter individually as to not disturb the arrangement too much since the type was loose.

These are my final prints. I made six and each came came out a bit different from the others. They are bright, bold and unique and convey the message well. The idea is that The word ‘Difference!’ is crushing ‘Assumption’.


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