Grid Layout in InDesign

Grids are used within design to layout pages of text and/or images in a way to ensure it is legible but also aesthetically pleasing, guiding the eye around the page.

Grid Layout Planning

Using templates of 2, 3, 4 and 6 columns per page, I planned out different ways of how i could layout different content including images, text boxes, quotes, headings and sub headings.


grid layout practice – Putting this planning in to InDesign


Leading: The space between each row of text.

Kerning: The space between each letter in a row of text

The legibility of text largely depends on the leading and kerning. If either are too small the text will be cramped but if they are too large, the letters will be too spaced out and not make sense.


This method of organising a design could be useful in my own work to print my design onto cards. By placing or arranging the design on the right side of a landscape sheet (depending on the size and shape of the cards), I can easily print straight onto the cards. This would be the most professional looking and possibly easiest way of printing.


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