My Idea/Context

After some idea generation, including brainstorming and mood boards, I have got a plan for what I want to make and how I will do that. I will produce a series of fun greeting cards with the target audience of kids in mind and my designs will be inspired by pattern. I may decide to change the direction of my project at any point so this is not a final plan. I aim to develop this idea further as I collect research and feedback.

Previous ideas included space themed painting and design, making dioramas and cake decoration (with photography). Although I have an interest in each of these areas of art and design, I decided to choose greeting card designs because I am eager to take this on as a career in the future. The idea for cake decoration comes from my interest in baking but this wouldn’t allow me to be very productive because I don’t have access to all the resources I need and would end up costing a lot of money. Making dioramas was not an idea I was keen on but I thought it would make an interesting and unique project. Along with the space themed idea, I think that I need more practice in these areas before I focus a project on them.


The context of this project entails nature and inspiring children to be creative and draw/write. People can learn a lot from nature and it tends to inspire people the best. I will encourage creativity in my designs with illustrations that can be finished or filled in however a kid desires. This could be colouring in a sky, drawing a flower or finishing a pattern. They could also write their name in a designated space for a personalised element or add their own embellishments like found leaves or other small objects they associate with nature or themselves.

Mood board

This is my second mood board and shows a more refined idea of what I want to study and design for a series of greeting cards. I’ve chosen to focus my products on a target audience of children as I want to be able to experiment with fun, colourful and playful designs, not that a card for an adult isn’t any of these things. My aim is to produce designs that children can engage with or relate to, either through imagination, discussion or interaction. I have reflected all my ideas into this mood board but I will also create another more refined one to display a clear idea.





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