Final Major Project

Today marks the start of my final major project, which will give me my final grade. This projects is built and organised by me and I have the freedom to base it on anything i desire.

The project is 18 weeks long, including holidays, and the deadline is Monday 26th June.

To plan the project, I am required to write a project proposal as well as complete a time plan and bibliography. The deadline for the first draft of this work is Friday 17th March. I may change and add to these as the project unfolds.


Required Work:

  • Sketchbook/blog that documents all work.
  • 500 word project proposal.
  • Project action plan.
  • Bibliography.
  • Final outcome.
  • Evaluation and reflection.
  • Evidence of correct maths and english utilised within work.

The UAL grade criteria exemplification covers 7 subjects; Context, research, problem solving, planning and production, practical skills, evaluation and reflection and presentation. There are 4 grade levels to each subject; Fail, pass, merit and distinction. The final grade will be determined by these 4 grades and the lowest grade out of the 4 is the one I will be awarded. For a final distinction grade I must achieve this in every subject.


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