Evaluating My Progress

So far in this project, I have collected lots of research on mental health and some artists and social action projects related to this as well as began to form an idea of what my pieces will look like and what message they will convey. I have also started to experiment with some basic idea-generating illustrations to help me take my work forward and form a wider, more put-together and organised idea which I will then experiment with and incorporate my knowledge of mental illnesses and people’s experiences and descriptions.

My vision for my final work is to produce a series of posters, each depicting a different mental illness and how it’s much more common and serious than people think. To achieve this I need to generate my ideas faster and produce more developmental work (sketches, annotations, experiments, etc.) to show my thinking process.

At this point in the project, I think I am behind on the amount of work that needs to be done. I think this is because I tend to find it hard to come up with ideas and spend a long time doing so. To progress and get to the point I should be at I could research and practice some methods of idea generation and I definitely need to work faster in order to be able to produce my final piece to the standard I want before the deadline.


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