Mental Health and Social Action

In order to cause change and make a positive impact on an issue such as the stigma around mental health, many people will go about this with social action. Whether it involves drawing, painting and designing, public events or exhibitions or simply voicing an opinion or problem and solution to the masses. All methods of social action may have different effects on society but all are a step closer to the world opening its mind to mental health for good.

Project 1 in 4

Project 1 in 4 is a project exploring the daily struggles people with mental disabilities experience. The project aims to banish the stigma of illness by promoting awareness. The artist behind the project, Marissa Betly, spent 100 days in 2015 doing one illustration a day, each bringing light to the individual struggles and emotions people with different mental illnesses deal with on a daily basis. The illustrations are simple and minimalistic, each highlighting a particular struggle or issue.

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