Ruby Elliot (Rubyetc)


Ruby Elliot (otherwise known as Rubyetc online) is a young artist who has suffered from and dealt with ill mental health from the age of 14 and now draws and illustrates her feelings, emotions, daily struggles, experiences and thoughts on her own mental illnesses that people in a similar situation to her like can relate to. Her illustrations are simple yet interesting and thought provoking and the use of colour is mostly exclusive to certain illustrations. Humour is commonly used in her drawings and most feature a usually small amount of text or a caption.

Her work is not an attempt to change and improve views on mental health but to portray it as it really is with out censoring or sugar-coating the parts that are widely ignored or dismissed often. Her illustrations have reached a wider audience than just people who have or do suffer from mental illnesses and she has acknowledged how many other people also experience the feelings or thoughts that she sometimes focuses on in her work.

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