Global Social Action Projects

From The Bow Seat

From The Bow Seat is an ocean awareness program and non-profit organisation that holds an annual competition for anyone in education. The competition asks participants to produce something of 4 categories; Art, poetry, prose or film, raising awareness of the lack of respect people have for the health of the ocean and its inhabitants. The artwork that is created can have an influence on the public and spark thought and discussion on the topic of the ocean, encouraging positive change.

Doodle For Google

Googles ‘Doodles’ can be seen on Googles homepage, replacing the logo on days such as famous birthdays, anniversaries and historical events, commemorating the day. There is a competition held for kids grade kindergarten to 12 in America in which they can design a doodle for Google following a theme. Google is a well-known, widely used site meaning the logo (or doodle) can be seen by many people on the site homepage as well as social media and news sites so it can have a big impact on many people on a worldwide scale.

Do Something Project

This is an organisation running a variety of campaigns and small social action projects for just about any issue in modern society. In order to take part in this collective global movement, you can sign up on the website and pick a campaign to take part in. For example, one campaign is called Mirror Messages and involves placing notes with positive, self-esteem boosting messages to help people in schools, particularly girls, feel good about themselves. Some campaigns are small and simple while others aim to have a much larger impact on the world.

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter , also known as #BLM, is a current active social movement with the goal for black people to be treated as equally as white people. The movement came about in recent years after a series of violent events, seemingly targeting black people, surfaced the news. This social action project has a large presence on social media, making it one of the most talked and heard about current social movements.


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