Social Action – Project Introduction

The purpose of this projects work is to raise awareness of social, cultural or political issues to help promote positive change. I must find an issue that is somewhat important to me, research and understand its context and produce some work raising awareness of my chosen topic.

What is Social Action?

Social action, according to the theory of Max Weber, is the act of taking action as society or community to cause change and encourage a positive outcome within an aspect of the world. This theory takes into account human behaviour and how it relates to cause and effect in the social world.We base our actions on social contexts and how we will influence and affect other people. This drives positive social action. The theory also states that to be a social action, the individual or group of people must have purpose behind the act. Social action relates closely to sociology.

What is Sociology?

  • Study of people – Religion, race, sexuality, gender, class, family
  • Behaviour
  • Development
  • Mind
  • Action
  • Society
  • Politics
  • Social norms
  • Social problems

Researching a Social Action Project

From The Bow Seat

  • Ocean Awareness Program that invites middle & high school students from around the world to take part in a contest.
  • Non-profit organisation
  • Raising awareness of environmental issues impacting the Gulf of Maine
  • The contest has 4 categories; Art, Poetry, Prose and Film.
  • Aim to and inspire the next gen of ocean caretakers with a feeling of responsibility for our planet.
  • They realised the power of artwork and media and how it is used to educate, inspire & activate the younger gen.
  • They feel that those who create & make, experience deeper learning and long-lasting behaviour changes.
  • They even have their own documentary.

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