This project, Design To Sell, required me to design, develop and produce a product to be sold in a pop-up shop among others works. The brief focused on making a product fit for a certain target audience. My idea was to produce a sort of greeting card aimed at young adults and teens with the intent to make greeting cards more fun and meaningful.

After some research I decided to explore the idea of making a puzzle on or in a card. This was an interesting idea that I decided to develop into my final product. I eventually decided to make a jigsaw puzzle but I found that it would not suit being marketed as a greeting card but would still make a great gift. When I made my products, the final result I had in mind was a jigsaw puzzle but this did not go as planned so my designs were sold as prints. In order to avoid this I should have thought ahead by focusing more on collecting my ideas and deciding on what I wanted to make earlier in the project. This would have allowed me more time to think about how I wanted to have my products produced in a way I know would give me a good result.

Throughout the project I learned to establish a suitable target audience for a product and assess their characteristics. I did this in relation to my skills, genres and competitors but to further develop this I could have conducted a research survey, collecting info straight from my peers or target demographic. I also learned a lot about my chosen pathway, illustration, helping me to focus my ideas and research on a more specific area of design. However, this could have been more clear in my work and I could have looked more into various illustrators who design to sell for a clearer idea of some of the work I could take inspiration from or create myself.

To improve in future projects, I should plan ahead and think about how I will carry out my ideas in the most efficient and professional way possible before I become restricted for time. To do this i need to dedicate more time during the start of the project to planning, researching and coming up with ideas. A time plan would help me do this and help me to think about what I might or should do in coming weeks. To improve in my development work, I could try to incorporate more digital methods of design into my work to build my skills in digital programs and for more professional looking work. Although I enjoy more handmade art, I should introduce more of a variety of design methods to show versatility as an artist.

To conclude, this project has allowed me to explore retail in art and design and how I can build a career as an artist. I have a clearer idea of the direction I could take my artwork in order to appeal to a certain market and sell well and how I can improve in the future.


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