Making My Product

After buying the materials I needed I made my designs by hand using acrylic paint and various card and paper. Although it can be time consuming, I prefer this method of production over digital design as it is much more enjoyable for me and I’m still new and unfamiliar to digital design programs so I’m more comfortable with creating by hand.

I came across some problems during this process, some trickier to solve than others. After I had scanned and printed my designs I planned on sticking them to the puzzle pieces and cutting them out with a sharp craft knife but this did not go as smoothly as planned and I found it difficult to cut the pieces out nicely and easily. An option I had to overcome this was to stick my designs to onto some thick card and cut into puzzle pieces following an outline but this also didn’t go to plan as the card did not cut well. In the end I decided it would be best to leave my designs as prints to avoid wasting even more time and materials.

Something that did go well was putting my final products together; A print with the back left blank for a message, in a small gift bag big enough to also fit a small gift, finished with a blank label. Although I had to make various changes, I am pleased with the result.

There are some things I could have done differently during this making process. First of all I could have though ahead ahead and looked online for somewhere I could have gotten some jigsaw puzzles printed instead of doing it myself. This would have been a more professional option but due to lack of time I may not have been able to get that done and sent to me in time and would most likely be quite expensive to do. I could try this for future projects though.


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