I have been collecting images and ideas from Pinterest and other sites and i have found some interesting things to help me develop my ideas and designs.

  1. This wrapping paper spells out a number of different greetings for everything from Christmas to retirement. The idea is that it can be used for any occasion as you circle the greeting in the word search puzzle that you want to express. Its a simple but fun idea although on a greetings card, I think it could be a bit bland or boring while I want my puzzle designs to be fun and enjoyable however the idea is interesting.
  2. I have had the idea to create a maze puzzle on a card and although this may be difficult to produce, It could make a unique product. I’ve though about incorporating words or a message into this design but I’m not sure how I could go about that.
  3. I saw this as a sort of puzzle that could be enjoyable and look good on a card. It would read a message that could be seen when the pieces are moved in the right way. A card like this could have many outcomes depending on what occasion it is for or what the card will read so could appeal to many people. I could make multiple designs for a puzzle like this in different shapes/colours/sizes etc.
  4. This picture doesn’t perfectly explain the idea I have but I thought about having a jigsaw puzzle design on a card and the pieces that fit the jigsaw in a pouch or sleeve attached to the card so the person receiving the card could put together the puzzle to reveal a message or image. I like the idea of this interactive type of card but I’m not sure I could come up with a great design for something like this.
  5. I don’t have a specific idea her but I have thought about designing some word puzzles that could be solved on the card to reveal a message or greeting, similar to the first and third images.
  6.  This is a simple idea but i could design a maze puzzle. This could be done in a number of different shapes like words.




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