Branding, Marketing and Curating

To sell our products from the Design to Sell project, we will be planning, promoting and setting up our shops in 3 teams, branding, marketing and curating.


The role of this team is to create a brand identity for each of the course pathways. graphics, illustration and game arts. I am a part of this team, designing for game arts, and we will design a logo, choose a colour palette, make a slogan, choose some suitable typefaces and build  a recognisable brand for which they will be known. This will need to be consistent and effective in order to be eye catching.


The marketing team is responsible for promoting not only the shops but the brands of the courses themselves. They will rely heavily on the branding as a brands identity is an important factor in promoting the brand or an event they will be a part of in order to catch the attention of the public. This team will promote across advertising channels and social media and also take charge in selling the products.


The curating team’s role is to take charge of and organise the shop. They will plan the layout of the space and how the products will be presented so will source funiture, decoration and any materials needed for the space. They will ensure that everything is organised and well presented.



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