Target Audience

What is a Target Audience?

Otherwise known as a market sector or demographic, a target market is a particular group of people or consumers of which a service or product is aimed for. A product would be designed by an artist or company with its target audience in mind in order to closely relate it to their general/popular need, wants and interests. A target audience gives a business or artist a focus point to their products or art work and helps them to sell well.

Finding my Target Audience

Skills > Genres > Competitors > Target Market / Audience

In order to find my own target audience i need to look at my skills, genres and competitors. My  skills and genres will help me to determine who or what market my work may be suitable for and be successful with. Finding a target market is important as an artist because to sell my products or work, i need to find the specific sector of the market that will buy and enjoy it. Figuring out who my competitors are is also an important step in targeting my audience because i want to make and put out art that hasn’t been seen before in the industry and in my area of expertise.

My target audience is young people, like me, ranging form the ages of 16-25. This is the market segment I’m aiming to sell my products to because I want them to be able to relate to the ideas, influences and meanings in my work.


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