Design to Sell – Brief Overview

Design to Sell is a project focussed on professional practice and my own maturity as an artist/designer. The brief requires me to produce one or more product(s) to be sold at a pop-up shop based around one of three given themes; Women Fashion Power, Mind Games or Every Human. During the project I will explore my target audience, my competitors, the wider industry alongside developing business plans, professional budgets and marketing strategies.

Throughout the project I should produce; A product or range of products, Promotional designs for my products(s) and design development work. I will be working on this blog as well as a workbook where i will do more practical work.


The image shows where the brief and other important documents can be found on Google Classroom. (Topics > Assignment 1 Design to Sell)

The 3 E’s

  • Employability – Learning about my pathway industry

The first stage of the project will focus on employability. Knowing my own target markets and audience, having knowledge of my chosen area of work, knowing whats trending as well a having and developing self-initiated approaches to design are all important factors that determine my employability as an artist.

  • Enterprise – Learning how to be a business

The second stage is about enterprise in which i will have to consider and take responsibility of the process of the ‘Design to Sell’ project. I will have to think about designing, manufacturing, marketing, curation and distribution.

  • Entrepreneurship – Learning how to be creative in you business

The third stage relates to entrepreneurship. In order to be entrepreneurial i will have to be creative, fight for my place in the industry, stand out from the crowd and catch my audiences attention.


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